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blue Hills Regional High School

Renovation Project

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Project Overview

Blue Hills Regional Technical High School currently offers 17 Chapter 74 Vocational programs to 882 students (2015-2016) in grades 9-12 from its nine member communities Avon, Braintree, Holbrook, Canton, Milton, Randolph, Norwood, Westwood, and Dedham. 

Established in 1964, the school is currently celebrating its 50th graduating class. The proposed project would be the first major renovation to the school since an addition was added in 1976. 

On or about January 2016, Blue Hills submitted a Statement of Interest (SOI) to the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA).  The MSBA is an independent public authority that administers and funds a program for grants to eligible school districts for school construction and renovation projects.

Blue Hills has been invited into the MSBA core program and will explore renovation options only, and the MSBA will contribute approximately 53% of eligible renovation costs.

The whole current building is adequate for its current instructional program, however is in need of replacement of all windows and building entries, as well as certain major systems replacements such as complete heat loop, HVAC, fire annunciation, ADA compliance, and electrical infrastructure. Click HERE to see our section illustrating select existing conditions and noted deficiencies.

Project Update Video-December 2016




800 Randolph St

Canton, MA 02021

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Project Update Video-

March 2017



Forming the Team

Owner's Project Manager Selection: June - July 11, 2016

Designer Selection: June 22 - September 1, 2016

Construction Manager Selection: December 2016 - March 2017


Study/Design Phases

Feasibility Study: July 27, 2016 - February 15, 2017

Schematic Design: February - August 2017

Design Development & Construction Documents: Pending Fall 2017 Local Approval

Construction: June 2018-September 2019


School Building Committee Meetings (Public Welcome)

Click HERE to see a fully detailed project schedule gantt chart (updated 9/2018)

Project Team

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School Building Committee

In line with standard MSBA process, the individuals named here have been selected in accordance with provisions of all applicable statutes, local charters, by-laws and agreements of the Blue Hills Regional School District to represent the District throughout the project's lifespan.

James Quaglia, SBC Chair - Superintendent/Director

Steven Moore,  Asst. Superintendent.

Jill Rossetti, Principal

Gene Mastro, Director of Facilities/IT

Tom Polito, Dedham District Board

Eric Erskine, Braintree District Board

Kevin Connolly, Norwood District Board

Aidan Maguire, Canton District Board


Owner's Project Manager

Dore & Whittier Management Partners, LLC

Owner's Project Managers are the centerpiece of the MSBA's efforts to maximize accountability and the return on taxpayers' investment in school construction. As a representative of both the Owner/District and the MSBA, an OPM is the focal point for project management and accountability.

An OPM works as a consultant through the completion of the project and must be completely independent from the designer, general contractor and any sub-contractors involved in the project at all times.

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Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc.

Designers are selected by the Massachusetts School Building Authority's Designer Selection Panel (DSP). The DSP has jurisdiction over the procurement of designers in connection with cities, towns, regional school districts and technical schools seeking funding from the MSBA for public school construction projects whose estimated construction cost is anticipated to be $5,000,000 or greater. This process incorporates the procedures required by Massachusetts General Laws pertaining to designer services for public building construction (Chapter 7C, Section 44, et seq.).


The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) is a quasi-independent government authority created to reform the process of funding capital improvement projects in the Commonwealth's public schools.  The MSBA strives to work with the local communities to create affordable, sustainable, and energy efficient schools across Massachusetts.  In its ten-year history, the MSBA has made more than $12.1 billion in reimbursements to cities, towns, and regional school districts for school construction projects. 


Construction Manager

Consigli Construction Co.

Consigli Construction Co., Inc. is a leading construction manager and general contractor headquarted in Milford, MA.  While Consigli is recognized for innovative services and advanced technology, Consigli has remained true to their legacy as true builders.  Through their ability to self-perform several key trades, Consigli can find efficiencies, solve problems, and plan projects better than other firms who strictly manage subcontractors.


Meeting minutes / Presentations/Submissions

PDP-Preliminary Design Program

PSR-Preferred Schematic Report

Schematic Design Submission

8/16/2016 SBC Meeting Minutes

9/1/2016  SBC Meeting Minutes

9/20/2016 District School Committee Presentation

9/22/2016 SBC Meeting Minutes

10/13/2016 SBC Meeting Minutes

11/10/2016 SBC Meeting Minutes

12/08/2016 SBC Meeting Minutes

12/22/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

01/05/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

02/16/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

03/16/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

03/30/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

04/13/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

04/27/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

05/11/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

05/25/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

06/08/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

06/20/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

07/10/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

08/16/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

08/31/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

09/14/2017 FINCOM Meeting Presentation

09/21/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

10/05/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

10/25/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

11/02/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

11/16/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

11/30/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

12/21/2017 SBC Meeting Minutes

1/11/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

1/25/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

2/8/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

3/1/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

3/29/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

5/17/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

6/14/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

7/19/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

8/9/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

9/13/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

10/11/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

11/15/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

12/13/2018 SBC Meeting Minutes

1/3/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

1/17/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

1/31/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

2/14/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

2/28/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

3/21/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

4/11/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

5/16/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

6/13/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

7/09/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

07/18/2019 SBC Meeting Minutes

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